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Starting at just 199€, MistoART offers an all-inclusive service that simplifies budgeting and ensures that all your team members have the resources they need to succeed.

With our flexible pricing structure, the total cost is tailored to the number of users and the complexity of your venue. Your organization gains access to a comprehensive suite of tools, including all calendars, detailed reports, workshift scheduling, and much more. This approach allows for customization to fit your specific needs, ensuring that all team members have the resources they need to succeed, with costs that reflect the scale and intricacy of your operations.

At MistoART, we believe in simplicity and efficiency. That's why getting started with us requires minimal effort and comes without any extra charges.

We encourage you to request a free demo today and see how our tools can streamline your operations. With MistoART, you can immediately start utilizing a comprehensive suite of resources, including calendars, detailed reports, and workshift scheduling, all tailored to enhance your team's performance without the burden of additional costs. Start with MistoART now and experience the ease and efficiency we bring to your workplace!

We value security and privacy. That's why MistoART is paying great attention to fulfil the GDPR requirements. Our server is stored in EU in a server centre, which is monitored 24/7.

Yes, we don't leave anything to chance! The whole server of MistoART is back-upped weekly. The server is also back-up copied once a day. We also help our users in situations if something's gone wrong by a mistake.