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    Misto ART recreates the way of making productions.


    Misto ART has been created to serve all productions and persons involved in it. It is also a perfect tool regardless of size – equally for small and big crews/theatres.


    Misto ART is a collaborative and dynamic solution that learns from the user’s choices and truly understands the world of theatre.


    Whether it concerns a person or a whole ensemble, Misto ART tells you where to be, when to be there and what to do.

    Not your average production software

    Misto ART is the first production solution made together with theatre professionals.It’s an easy-to-use tool which delivers you a 360-degree view of productions. A personally tailored dashboard will let you and your ensemble manage and track both time and tasks in real time. Being both collaborative and dynamic, Misto ART is as agile as a cat and as advanced as the world's greatest magician.

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    Misto ART makes theatre magic happen

    • When you focus on doing your best, we take care of everything else.
    • An easy way to help your team achieve their best performance.
    • Make a decision that saves your organisation's time and money.